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Refurbishment and renovation

Restaurant + cafe Refurbishment and Renovation

If you’re an owner of a restaurant, then you’ll be aware of the importance of an alluring ambience, an exotic environment, exquisite aesthetics and the impact it has on your customers. Our designers at 3 Fingers Design Studio are aware of this too and are well known for their forward thinking and exceptionally creative ideas and designs. Having worked with first class restaurants, cafes and bars globally, we have a vast array of experience and an outstanding knowledge of refurbishment and renovation.

A facelift for your restaurant or cafe can revitalise and boost the success of your venue and skyrocket the number of paying customers coming back.

If your interior and décor are beginning to look outdated and a little worse for wear, it’s time for a change before you start losing customers. The team at 3 Fingers Design Studio can easily create a vibrant and attractive design which will convert your restaurant or cafe into the place to be. You’ll be proud of it and you’ll customers will practically be begging to book again.

3 Fingers Design Studio are well known for renovating rundown establishments. Simply by walking into your premises and taking a good look around, our team of experts will generate some truly inspirational ideas and designs, which then become reality via our meticulous design process.

Our highly-specialised expertise allows us to create bespoke solutions for you meeting your exact needs. In fact, the incredible thing about working with us is that without fail, we design what you want every time. No matter your budgetary constraints or your explicit specifications, we’ll be able to provide the perfect interior design solution so that your restaurant or cafe receives the refurbishment and renovation it deserves.

Bar + nightclub Refurbishment and Renovation

There’s going to come a time that your bar or nightclub, that was once the place to be, starts to see a drop off in customers and in profit. There are newer establishments that have opened with incredibly alluring décor which is up to date with modern trends and so they don’t look outdated. Fortunately, 3 Fingers Design Studio specialise in refurbishing, renovating bars and nightclubs and with our expertise you’ll soon see the customers walking back through your front door.

3 Fingers Design Studio have refurbished, renovated nightclubs and bars around the world. From some of the most trendy establishments in London and Ibiza, through to more exotic premises in New Zealand, we’ve done it all.

We consider every interior design project as a challenge that can be overcome. In fact, we’ve not said no to a project yet and we always deliver with innovation and excellence.

The renovation we supply here at 3 Fingers Design Studio is mind blowing. Why? Well, we’re able to supply you with an endless number of possibilities but at the same time, our team of experts makes it easy to create a perfect design no matter your specification or budget. We always make sure our approach is in line with emerging trends and technologies and we can keep our fingers on the pulse, because of the work we do globally within the nightclub industry. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results every time.

We believe that the client should be at the centre of our focus and attention and therefore, we’re always available to guide you through the complete process. This ensures that the design and renovation is nice and smooth, looks astonishing and you’re the proud owner of a premises that functions as it should and turns a neat profit.

Even if your budget is constrained, that’s no problem. Our expertise in technology and design allow us to create unbelievable renovations that are both appealing and incredible value for money.

Our bars and nightclubs interior design portfolio is available for you to browse and demonstrates our commitments to the very best in design and technology. Look at some of our past renovations from across the world. You’ll be able to see just how many individual and tailored designs we can produce and we’re sure you’ll agree that the designs are outstanding. Our customers from around the world never failed to be surprised and astounded when they see the finished product.

We can offer the perfect solution that suits you and your needs. Speak with us today to see how we can help.

Hotel + interiors  refurbishment and renovation

The team at 3 Fingers Design Studio love designing hospitality interiors. Every guest should experience shameless luxuriousness and be pampered and comfortable. Their memories of the establishment should be outstanding and leave them wanting more. The overall aim is to keep that customer returning and to ensure they tell everyone about your venue or hotel!

When your customer first steps foot onto your premises, they should feel like they are staying at an establishment fit for royalty. The moment they see your incredible lobby, they know that their room, service, and overall stay at your hotel will be an experience to remember. Many hotels now make their lobbies open for the public to use and an impressive welcome will make them feel at home.

The hotel bar should be a magnet for outside customers and should be designed to make sure that both visiting customers and staying guests remain at the bar and enjoy themselves for as long as possible. We achieve this by segmenting the areas of the bar to allow for different experiences including areas for those that want to have fun and areas for those that are looking for something a little quieter and relaxing.

If it’s refurbishment and renovation time for your hotel, lobby or rooms to give them a fresh contemporary twist then 3 Fingers Design Studio is the company for you.


We’re here to help you and to realise your interior design project. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help to support you throughout the whole process and turn the design into reality.